Wednesday, 12 December 2007

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My atheism is a recent turn of events for me. Hence, it occupies quite a large of portion of my thinking time. Well... apart from the time devoted to work and trying to figure out why the little Viking won't go to sleep.

The portion of my thinking that is concerned with atheism is still mainly busy with assimilation of some of the main arguments between theists and atheists. Not really for my own persuasion (although I'm open to interesting ideas if I come across something new) but rather to help avoid any 'um...I don't know' moments that may come up in conversations with theists. 
As well as being driven by a general desire to be able to articulate my position and respond to others' arguments clearly, there was also the specific fact that I was due to go to a dinner party last Friday being held by one of Mrs. Viking's friends who is a christian and a large portion of  whose guests were from her church.
As it turns out, I did get into a discussion with a christian there but her beliefs were very much at the 'liberal' end of the scale so there wasn't really much of a disagreement. In fact, our views on, for instance, morality were very, very similar. She just believed that it had to be derived from a supernatural authority to be valid. So a kind of christian humanist position I guess. If such a thing is possible.
Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable discussion and I found it liberating and somewhat exhilarating as this was my first excursion as an 'out' atheist with a clear idea of my own beliefs.

This notwithstanding, I don't really intend this blog to be solely concerned with matters atheistic. I plan to write on whatever takes my fancy really so the topics may be somewhat....eclectic.

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